My Favorite Books: Romance, Literary, Young Adult, and Historical

I have so many favorite books. My reading tastes vary widely depending on the season, my mood, and what everyone’s talking about at the moment. Although one constant is that there is usually some kind of romantic element. Not always, but most always. πŸ˜‰ Take any movie you love, and there is probably some kind of romantic aspect. Even if it’s just a hint. It’s human nature. The most elemental motivator: Love and the desire to be wanted.Β  So, it’s safe to say that while these are not all romance (genre) books, they all have some romance in them.

Some of these are the first in a series that I loved, but many also stand alone. I’ll be sure and add to this list as I find new favorites! (Or recall some I’ve forgotten!)

Some of my Favorite Books – In no particular order.

*full disclosure statement* The links above are an affiliate link. You know, so I can just buy more books to share as my favorites! πŸ˜‰